This collection of comics had a significant impact of the the course future DC Comics chracters. This is both good anf bad.

Whenever DC publishes a "Crisis" book characters are going to die and the "status quo will be shattered". This book does all of those things but the heart of the book was about the loved ones of Superheroes. The people on the side lines of the adventures of Heroes who have to wait up night for their special someone to come home.

That's how it started and that certainly is a major theme but unfortunately it gets buried underneath the scandal of what "Heroes" did to a supervillain in the name of pertecting their lovedones. What happened to Dr. Light, rippled throughout DC comic books for allong time.

The fact that heroes did something bad out of fear and love got lost. Please remember that when reading this and try not to get distracted by Rags Morales' awesome art.

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