This book came highly recommended, and now I can see why!

What has always been a key feature of the Supers, particularly of the DC Comics variety? Maintaining those pesky secret identities, of course! so when the wife of a long-serving Justice Leaguer is found murdered, our heroes go into overdrive wondering whose loved one might be next to be targeted.

Brad Meltzer also writes those wordy things called, em, novels so the scripting could have suffered from being overly wordy, but fortunately for the project he found a collaborator in Rags Morales who takes the underlying emotion and comic iconography and lets it all play out in some wonderfully rendered, even stylized, panels.

Also, despite the fact that most of the book is played as a straight murder mystery, the one epic fight sequence of Justice Leaguers versus Deathstroke was brilliantly executed and thrilling, much better than so many of the biff-boom-pow fights that a lot of artists are dialling in these days.

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