Someone has killed Sue Dibneym and the superhero community is pulling out all the stops to discover the murderer. The Justice League, the Reserves, the Justice Society and the Teen Titans beat the bushes and the criminals to try and determine what monster would do such a thing. But when a second attack occurs, the realization begins to hit that the heores secrets may not be as safe as they thought.

Ralph and Sue Dibny are the backbone of the Silver Age Justice League. They are the old married couple, used for comic relief and "Aw" moments, so when Brad Meltzer decided to kill off Sue, he had to know he was messing with DC DNA. What we get is a weak, and sometimes implausible, murder mystery to find out who killed Sue.

But that is not the strength of this book. Where this book shines is in the character moments of the later silver age heroes that Meltzer gives us. We see why Sue and Ralph are so in love. We see how the A-listeres (Batman and Superman) are there for the big fight, but are quickly called away to deal with other issues, leaving the clean-up for the B and C-listers like Green Arrow and Zantana. We learn that the clean-up frequently means wiping minds.

It's those character moments that lift this book to three stars. We see the friendships and relationships between the various heroes. I can honestly say that this is what lifts this book out of the two star range into a three star range. Without those, this is just another "women in refrigerator" crisis to sell books that has sadly become old hat at DC.

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