This is the first recipe book published by the famous Christopher Kimball (of America's Test Kitchen) and Cook's Country.
This: white hardcover, pub yr 2017, big book, illustrated recipes; for the home cook;
Ingredients were not too difficult to locate; recipe steps easy enough; not a cookbook of what you'd call "American favorites"; many recipes representing more spicy or seasoned foods including desserts, grains, salads, dressings, etc., but, I'd just leave that amount of spice out, or cut way back on it.

Google books shows the previews of a handful of recipes from this book.

Here are some of the recipes I wrote down to follow up on:
Thai fried rice, turkish meatballs, grain soda bread, Israeli hummus, oat coconut cookies, Indian tomato rice, beef noodle soup

Season shows of the Milk Street shows on public TV are also on DVD format /
Season One was year 2018; and there is a 6X a year magazine title Milk Street

Milk Street: See the sit , recipes tab, some free recipes don't require subscription:
site has info, books, blog, supplies, etc.

Also recipe other books Published: by Milk Street:
yellow cover, Milk Street Cookbook,
blue cover Tuesday Nights ; / 50 Recipes to Change the Way You Cook;
orangish cover -- Milk Street Roasts, Soups, Stews;

Are the shows on YouTube? -- looks like it -- and short clips for tips, etc. cooking

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